art class; 4th session
'Leather craft'
Handicraft class in KAMA

This is Miwon Park who is gallery KAMA artist working on the Art Class.
Leather craft class, which is only for the staffs in KAMA, started on September 7 and end in October.
I think that leather crafts class helps to expand your personal hobby. I hope participants enjoy with colleagues outside of work. Trying your own product will give you pleasure. Please come empty-handed and spend your time at ease.
- Miwon Park -

It’s not my first time to attend leather craft class in Gallery Kama, but I think whenever I go in class, I learn something new. So this time also. In my previous class which I attended last year, I learned about leather, quality, how to handle leather in my first class and I was pretty slow to make something. But in this session of leather craft workshop, I am quite fast, more confident to make something from leather. I started thinking , what I can do more with leather? And my craft skill is improving day by day. And because of flexible timings I don’t need to rush to attend my classes.
-   Rumi dhar (workshop participant)

previous art class(1st & 2nd session) was 'studying of leather'

Leather goods made in class

Class time : Every Saturday in September and October
Eligibility : KAMA employees
Materials : Provided by the company
Venue : gallery KAMA

art class; 3rd session
Drawing class in KAMA

This is Miwon Park who is gallery KAMA artist working on the Art Class.
Pencil Drawing Class, which is only for the staffs in KAMA, started on April 6 and ended in May.
I think that this class helps to broaden the viewpoint of the surrounding things and the environment through the creative activities and to diversify the scope of the individual activity.
The first lesson explained the elements of art, which are the preparations to start drawing. It helped to build a foundation by drawing a simple example. In the second lesson, I explained perspective to practice various scenery indoors and outdoors. And we practiced about the structure of the human body, technique of drawing trees, developed their own style and so on.
It was a very precious and joyful time for me with participants. I hope there will be many attendees in the new classes that will be held in the future.
- Miwon Park -

When I was kid my teacher always said that in my science classes that our brain makes picture in grey scale because when we study we use pencils- which makes things in grey scale which is what our brain adapt, that’s why I always has fascination for pencils and drawing various things whenever get chance from busy schedule. Till now I was drawing by using grids to so that must not loose size but in two sessions of drawing workshop I understood that there are various things which we can do with pencils. You can change your grey drawing into imagination and express your feeling however you want.
- Rumi Dhar(art class participant) -

It has been one of my favourite outlet to express my feelings. it is such a great chance to get the new perspectives from the things surrounded by me. whenever I started drawing with pencils, I could relieve my stress and feel like being in another world which no one can distract me. I have learned how to appreciate art and art has no answer to describe how you feel. please feel your art !
- Suhyeon Kim (art class participant) -