The Solo Project Exhibition of Miwon Park
8th Story
Chasing hope
10th August 2019 ~ 15th September

Painting works 'chasing hope' and artist Miwon Park

editor's view


Haus Khas village is something which amuses me whenever I roam in narrow streets. Food, music, lake, designer house every time something new to see. As last time I have visited Gallery Kama in Hauz Khas, this time also, I thought that how about going toGallery Kama this time too, just to meet Artist Miwon Park and I got to know about her new work in Gallery Kama.
For me it is so simple to look, hanged on white canvas in small frames. I thought that she is trying her hands in making some small art pieces, so I asked her, what that is. And here goes her explanation. “what is do you think when you see this? Following something…No or attracting towards something…no it is not. But yes it is chasing. We all human are different way of thinking, regarding dreams, religions etc. but one thing which is common in every human is fear of future in which when we think we feel some kind of anxiety. How much we are living in
present it doesn’t matter but we all want to know our future, no matter what we all want to know our future and work for. So seeing future in good way, so we can be happy, it is “chasing hope”.

Artist Miwon Park – tried to portray our common life where we are reading our horoscope for knowing our future. And I believe that everyone is doing so …reading horoscope. Looking into the sky is always magical and interesting, we want to see so many stars of course now it is not possible in Delhi, but we still try to find most bright stars. In winters we are trying to find constellations and when we find we are full of joy and we feel some kind of satisfaction of “chasing hope” to find constellation especially according to our zodiac sign. Artist wanted to make something familiar. As it is pretty hard to find stars on sky, so just see the painting and imagine.

The most noticeable thing in painting is it seems like incomplete. There are no 12 constellations painting in it. When I asked, a beautiful answer came out, that’s why it is “chasing hope”. Chase your constellation and future.

To know further more about this installation please visit Gallery Kama.
Few details about installation

Title: Chasing Hope
Artist Miwon Park
Material: Acrylic on canvas
Exhibition duration: till mid-September, 2019
Location: Gallery Kama, 24/1, 4th floor, Hauz Khas Village, New delhi – 110016

- Writer: Rumi Dhar(editor of indiary webzine)

Rumi, editor of indiary webzine (, visited the gallery KAMA in hauz khas village and saw the paintings of Miwon Park

Title: Chasing hope (Moon and Mercury)
Artist: Miwon Park
Size: (51 cm x 61 cm ) x 2pieces
Material: Acrylic on canvas

Title: Chasing hope (6 constellations)
Artist: Miwon Park
Size: (16 cm x21cm ) x 6pieces
Material: Acrylic on canvas

Taurus constellation

Aries constellation

Aquarious constellation

Pisces constellation

Cancer constellation

Libra constellation